Canine Behavior Modification


Canine Behaviour Modicification

The Dog Behavior Modification program is designed to correct and adjust unwanted behavior displayed by an owners dog. Hong Kong Canines training method uses applied canine behavior analysis and operant conditioning principles. These techniques have been demonstrated to solve many canine behavioral issues including: fear, anxiety, aggression, shyness, neurosis, resource guarding and biting.

Our objective is to find a workable solution that is both practical and safe. Starting in a controlled environment is important and will be discussed with owners in detail.

The canine evaluation and behavioral analysis interview is the first step and takes up to 90 to 120 minutes - sometimes longer. This will help diagnose the underlying cause(s) of the problem. A successful diagnosis can not be achieved over the phone. An evaluation of the dog should be scheduled in advance. This evaluation only provides information as to the probable causes. Should the client opt for a package, it shall be considered as the first lesson.

Private lessons are tailored to the needs of you and your dog. They are customized and can be conducted either in-home or at an agreed location. Depending on the initial diagnosis it may require a combination of both. The owners presence during lessons is welcomed and under certain circumstances required. Lessons will usually last about an hour

Our priority is helping the owner to understand the root cause of the problem. Thereafter, we teach them how to work with the dog to achieve the desired results. The canine behavior modification program is a reliable option for correcting behavior problems. With consistency being the key.

At Hong Kong Canine we work with breeds of all ages and sizes.

Fee Structure

$ 1,800 Detailed Evaluation *

$ 1,500 per lesson **

$ 9,380 for a Seven lesson Package **

* Included as the first lesson should the client choose the Package.

**Additional charges may apply to dogs with severe aggression and depending on location of lessons. 
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