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  • Braided Leather Slip Lead
    Braided Leather Slip Lead A Stylish Lead For Show DogsLight, pliable, strong and soft in the hand. This show lead is not for walking, bu... More >>

    280.00 HKD
    Cotton Training Lead
    Cotton Training Lead The lead most trainers prefer. Made of extra-strong cotton webbing. These leads are cooler, softer, and less a... More >>

    188.00 HKD
    Acme Dog Whistle 210.5
    Acme Dog Whistle 210.5 Improve Communication At DistanceThis is a high pitch whistle that is quiet to the user. An excellent all-roun... More >>

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  • Tender Trainer/Martingale Collar
    Tender Trainer/Martingale Collar A Gentler Way To Train A great combination of nylon and chain that allows you to control behaviour with a... More >>

    Acme Shepherds Lip Whistle 576
    Acme Shepherds Lip Whistle 576 The Ulitmate Way to Communcate Multiple CommandsSometimes called the Shepherd’s Lip Whistle made famous by t... More >>

    98.00 HKD
    Acme Silent Dog Whistle 535
    Acme Silent Dog Whistle 535 The Ultimate Silent Dog Training Whistle No "silent" dog whistle is truly silent.  The word ‘silen... More >>

    295.00 HKD
  • Clicker
    Clicker For A More Enjoyable Training ExperienceClicker Training is an easy, gentle, science-based method to help comm... More >>

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    Dog Training Discs
    Dog Training Discs Helps Fix Undesriable BehaviourA special set of saucer-shaped discs made of metal and small enough to fit in y... More >>

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    Chew Proof Designed Leash
    Chew Proof Designed Leash Prevents Leash ChewingThe Pooch multipurpose lead is designed for dogs that chew through their leashes. P... More >>

  • Nylon Training Lead
    Nylon Training Lead Durable Nylon Dog Training LeashDesigned to give dogs more freedom while still keeping control. Ideal suited w... More >>

    186.00 HKD
    European Leather Lead
    European Leather Lead The Most Versatile Lead Available1. Allows you to adjust the length of lead to 43", 53" & 6ft.2. Temporari... More >>

    360.00 HKD
    Training Dummies
    Training Dummies Train The Perfect Retrieve On Land Or WaterMake it easy for your dog to learn the retrieve with these training... More >>

    190.00 HKD