Pet Obedience


Pet Obedience

Enrolling your dog in a pet obedience class is one of the best ways to prevent issues from developing. The end result is a happier and more balanced dog. A common mistake is to ignore the initial warning signs that appear harmless. These can and often lead to more serious issues such as aggression, neurosis and a general inability to control your dog.

Hong Kong Canine offers individual private lessons or group classes to suit the needs and budget of owners. This six-week pet obedience class teaches the foundations of clicker training and also fundamental skills such as sit, down, stay, come, heel, leave-it and place. Basic pet obedience is offered as both private lessons and as a group class. Both private lessons and group classes discuss the body language of dogs and demonstrate the correct method to socialize dogs in a safe and positive manner. For private clients, depending on their needs, at least 1 session will be undertaken at a dog park for socializing.

After your puppy has completed her vaccinations, she’s all set to attend a pet obedience class.

Basic Pet Obedience Private Lessons

This is a good option for owners who are unable to attend group class or prefer to have the lesson in a private setting either at home or at a convenient location. We also recommend this option for owners with dogs that can be disruptive in a class settings or dogs that have on-leash issues such as persistent chewing. Once these problems have been resolved, joining the Basic Pet Obedience Group Class is possible and highly recommended to improve and broaden socialization skills.

Private lesson $1,400 per hour

Private lesson - 7 lesson package $8,380

Contact us to schedule a pet obedience lesson.

Basic Pet Obedience Group Class

Our most popular group class offering, this course is a great place for many dogs and owners to start. This six-week class teaches dogs and owners on-leash skills such as sit, down, stay, come, heel, and place. The pet obedience class is also designed to help owners deal with problems such as pulling on the leash, jumping on people, etc. This class is a great forum for socializing your dog to new environments, people, and dogs. 

To ensure enough one on one time 6 dogs is the maximum number of dogs accepted per class.

$7,160 for 6 lesson package.

To check for upcoming basic pet obedience dog training classes contact Hong Kong Canine.