Pet Nutrition


The Importance of Proper Nutrition

Not only is improper nutrition a root cause for many physical issues it is commonly responsible for creating or magnifying unwanted behaviours. A complete and balanced diet plays a significant role in your pets health.

Approximately 90% of your dogs immune system can be found in the walls of its intestine. A good diet essential for a healthy ecosystem of bacteria. These beneficial bacteria help produce chemicals, antibiotics, antiviral and anti-fungal properties.

With the variety of foods available, selecting the right food for your dog can be a daunting experience. Kibbles, canned food, dehydrated food, freeze dried food and raw diet are now commonly available in many pet shops throughout Hong Kong. Choosing an appropriate and nutritious diet for you pet diet within budget is something we frequently help clients with.

A common service provided at Hong Kong Canine is a detailed review of your pets current feeding regime. We analyse the food composition for the fat, protein and carbohydrate content to assess it's suitability for your dogs current life stage. Micro nutrient content are equally important and should also be taken into consideration.

Although the food price can sometimes be a helpful indicator regarding the quality it's not always the case. Food priced in the upper range does not necessarily guarantee a quality product. However, brands consistently priced at the lower end of the spectrum are usually inferior products.

Whether your first time dog owner who needs guidance interpreting the often misleading food labelling or looking to transition your dog to a different diet altogether, Hong Kong Canine can help. We look at providing a holistic approach to solving your pets issue whether it is physical, mental or emotional in nature.

The basic foundations for a well balanced dog starts with carefully sourced quality ingredients. It is often said "Proper nutrition is healthcare, medication is sick care.".

Services & Fees

Comprehensive review of current commercial food feeding protocol - $1,280

Current diets and making recommendations to improve current program - $1,680 

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