Complete Recall


The Advanced Recall Program

Getting a reliable complete recall can often prove challenging. Frustration, anger, fear and anxiety are common emotions experienced by dog owners when their pet fails to return when called. Hong Kong Canine has developed a series of fun, powerful and scientifically proven training techniques specifically targeted to ensure an effective and timely recall.

Does your dog instantly come when called? If your dog is ever walked off lead, having a dependable recall is probably the most important command. A weak recall leads to stressful moments. This programme helps prevent the emotional rollercoaster owners often endure with non-responsive pets.

No matter whether your training a puppy, need to strengthen your dogs recall, have multiple dogs that follow each other (rather than you) or simply have a dog that has her own plan. Hong Kong Canine has developed a suitable recall program for your pet.

We use modern positive training methods that are interactive, creative, fun and effective in training a solid recall. This programme teaches multiple ways to achieve a reliable recall including whistle training.

With this command it's particularly important to pace the progress. Ensuring recalls are being practised in the correct environment is paramount. Equally important, our Advanced Recall program helps to maintain a reliable recall.


Compared to other training programs, the Advanced Recall Package is somewhat intensive. Although it varies from dog to dog, usually two or three training sessions per week with an instructor is necessary to get ideal results. This can be reduced to weekly sessions later into the programme. A total of 6 sessions is given. Each session is approximately 60 minutes and takes place at a variety of locations. 

In between sessions homework is given and plenty of practice is required prior to the next session. The aim is to complete all sessions within 4 weeks.


Commitment and consistency really are the keys for an advanced recall. This course is targeted towards owners with wondering dogs that are too easily distracted. 

The ultimate reward upon successful completion is experiencing the joy of walking a dog, off lead with peace of mind.

Fee - $7, 900 

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