Durable Nylon Leash


Designed For Strong Pullers

Designed for dogs that pull and go hard on their leashes!  Stylish leads made with double ply nylon and sewn with premium threads for extra strength retention.  The Hardware used is the best available. A Heavy duty swivel snap hooks ensures the leash remains securely attached to collar or harness.  Available with matching collars.


Leash colours: Carnation Pink, Raspberry, Midnight Sky, Lavender, Sunny Blue, Lime Zest, Mango, Hickory Bark, Canyon Rock, Honey & Sand    
Width: 1 Inch
Length: 4ft
Swivel snap hook colours: Stainless Steel, Gun Metal

Purchase these items together for a 15% discount

Two-Ply Nylon Collar 142.00 120.70 HKD
Two Ply Nylon Leash 186.00 158.10 HKD
SAVE 49.20

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