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Probiotic Combo Testing Kit


DoggyBiome: Gut Microbiome Restoration System with Microbiome Testing

More powerful than standard probiotics and prescription diets, Microbiome Supplements are directly sourced from healthy dog microbes. DoggyBiome Microbiome Tests & Supplement help dogs with chronic digestive and skin issues. Benefits include:

  • Supports solidly-formed bowel movements

  • Gentle and fast-acting

  • Helps maintain normal stools

  • Soothes the intestinal tract

However, after supplementing your dog’s diet with probiotics how does one gauge the effectiveness?

This combo kit allows you to scientifically test the impact of the AnimalBiome probiotics given to your pet. The kit provides all you need to take a stool sample from your pet before and after treatment with the probiotics. Send the samples to the AnimalBiome laboratory for a detailed analysis and a written report.

This combo kit contains the following:

  • Microbiome Supplements (50 Capsules) (taken twice per day for 25 days).

  • TWO Microbiome Tests. One for before and one after and a written report.


  • Be sure to choose which size capsule you would like. The small capsules are recommended for dogs under 20 pounds; the standard-size large capsules are recommended for dogs 20 pounds and up.

  • Shipping cost and delivery to the laboratory is not covered and needs to be paid and arranged by the customer.

  • The fresher the stool sample, the more accurate the results.


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