Two-Ply Nylon Collar


Strong Reliable Collars 

Made with 2 ply nylon sewn with premium threads for added strength retention. The buckle and ring  used is the best available.  Can be paired with matching leads.

Colour: Honey & Sand, Canyon Rock, Hickory Bark, Mango, Lime Zest, Sunny Blue, Lavender, Midnight Sky, Raspberry, Carnation Pink

Size Chart

XS Dimensions - 31 cm (L) x 1.2 cm (W) -

Fits Neck Size - 6-10"/15-25cm

S Dimensions - 36 cm (L) x 1.2 cm (W)

Fits Neck Size 8-12"/ 20-30cm

M Dimensions - 41 (L) x 1.8 cm (W)

Fits Neck Size 10-14"/25-35cm

ML Dimensions - 46 cm (L) x 1.8 cm (W)

Fits Neck Size 12-16"/30-40cm

L Dimensions 51 cm (L) x 2.4 cm (W)

Fits Neck Size 14-18"/35-45cm

XL Dimensions 56 cm (L) x 2.4 cm (W)

Fits Neck Size 16-20"/40-50cm

Purchase these items together for a 20% discount

Two Ply Nylon Leash 186.00 148.80 HKD
Two-Ply Nylon Collar 142.00 113.60 HKD
SAVE 65.60

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