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Training Dummies


Train The Perfect Retrieve On Land Or Water

Make it easy for your dog to learn the retrieve with these training dummies.  Designed with a textured surface and weighted appropriately for an easy pick up and hold.  These training dummies simplify the process of teaching and improving the retrieve.   

*Note these dummies are for training purposes and are not designed as chew toys. 


Knobby Dummies

Water Training Dummies. They have adjustable valves to control buoyancy and firmness. Knobs help prevent hard mouth habits.

Two sizes:-

Regular - 2" x 12"

Jumbo - 3" x 12"


Canvas Dummies

The central advantage of these dummies is the weight and feel.

Two sizes:-

Puppy - 2" x 9"

Jumbo - 3" x 12"


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