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Bovine Colostrum


Speed Up Wound Healing, Skin Growth, and Cellular Repair


When mammals are born, their mothers produce a special milk that contains colostrum. Colostrum jumpstarts the newborn’s immune system and provides vital nutrients …and this is why many dog owners are using colostrum for their dogs.

Main benefits include the following:

Seasonal Allergy Support:  Bovine colostrum can be used to help soothe skin-related issues often linked to seasonal allergies.

Promotes A Healthy Gut:  Helps maintain proper gut health and supports normal bowel function.

Prevents Cancer: Believed to inhibit the growth cells of cancer and even kill them (apoptosis).

Colostrum And Canine Flu: A 2007 study showed that colostrum was three times more effective than the flu vaccine in preventing the flu.

Colostrum And Wound Healing: Colostrum contains growth factors, which help the newborn grow and develop. These same growth factors can stimulate wound healing.


What is Colostrum

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a neurotransmitter that blocks impulses between nerve cells in the brain. It is thought to be one of the most important chemicals responsible for reducing excess neural stimulation, among other functions.

What if my dog is allergic to dairy?

The casein in Bovine Colostrum is the same as in regular milk. But colostrum lowers allergic reactions by regulating the production of TH2 cytokines ... so in many cases, it can block the production of IgG antibodies from the casein. Many dogs with dairy allergies do well on Bovine Colostrum but you might want to check with your vet or monitor your dog if your dog has dairy allergies.

Ingredients:  Four Leaf Rover Bovine Colostrum is a single ingredient product, free of rBGH growth hormones. No preservatives, fillers, binders or flavoring, grass fed, anitbiotic free.

Suggested Usage

Body WeightAmount Per Day
Up To 10 Lbs1/16 Tsp Per Day
11 To 25 Lbs1/8 Tsp Per Day
26 To 99 Lbs1/4 Tsp Per Day
100 Lbs And Up
1/2 Tsp Per Day

30 Large Dog Servings

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