Miniature Schnauzer


By James Leung

James - Managing Director

Country of Origin: Germany

The Miniature came to prominence as a distinct breed around 1899. He was originally bred to control the many types of vermin found on farms.

Noted for his distinguished bearded appearance, the Miniature Schnauzer is usually is salt and pepper in colour. More rare are solid black or black and silver. A white spot can sometimes be found on the chest. The eyes are dark and the nose is black. He has bushy eyebrows and the coat is short and wiry. He sheds very little.

The most popular of the three Schnauzer breeds, these pleasant small dogs enjoy games and long walks. Generally they are friendly towards children, other pets and strangers. The Miniature Schnauzer is a great watchdog. He is naturally protective and capable of giving a noticeable alarm.

Weight. 13-15 lb.

Height. 12-14 in.

Intelligent, trainable and usually cheerful, this smaller breed adapts well to smaller living quarters, yet enjoys being active when outside.

Hurt by its popularity, poorly bred puppies are subject to many problems including poor temperaments and health problems.