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About Us

Dog Training Staff at Hong Kong Canine



With a working background in the environmental field, James studied wildlife management and environmental science. He holds a BSc in Environmental Studies and a certificate in Wild Animal Behaviour. Having worked as an environmental consultant in Hong Kong for over 15 years James is currently the training director at Hong Kong Canine.

Passionate about dogs, James received his dog training certifications in North Carolina under the guidance of U.S. based master dog trainers Jason Purgason and Randy Hare. He has also trained at the Police Dogs Centre Holland under the guidance of Arnold Van Den Oetelaarand received certification for tracking and KPNV decoy training.

James has experience in training and handling dogs trained in the following disciplines: search and rescue, service and therapy, tracking, canine scent detection, protection, police K9 units.

He specializes in pet obedience and behavior modification helping dogs and owners make the necessary adjustments to achieve a more harmonious balance. James uses a combination of positive reinforcement and proven training methods to create a balanced training system that fosters the desired behavior. The techniques used are innovative and are tailored to suit the needs of both the dog and owner. James understands clear communication between handler and dog is essential to achieve the desired results. He firmly believes training should be enjoyed by both dog and owner for the best outcome.

In addition, James is certified and trained to handle narcotics, explosive and bed bug detection dogs. At Hong Kong Canine he has introduced similar training techniques to teach pet dogs to improve their nose work and find odors such as Anise, Clove, and Birch.

James is a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT member no. 83712)

At Hong Kong Canine we work with all breeds, ages and sizes. Learn more about what we have to offer here.