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Group Classes


Group Classes

At Hong Kong Canine we offer a number of dog training group classes. The most popular class teaches pets and owners the fundamentals of pet obedience. We also run group classes that focus on physical exercise and mentally challenging dogs by presenting them with a variety of obstacles and puzzles to solve. All group classes are structured to be fun and a positive experience for both you and your dog. Ultimately, these classes help to provide a more balanced platform for your dogs continued development. By participating, owners often feel a closer bond has been forged with their pet. Group classes are a great way to properly socialize your dog with other dogs and people in a safe controlled manner.

For some of the group classes basic clicker training is required and will be included as part of the training at no additional expense.

Courses are held once a week for 6 consecutive weeks and last approximately 1 hour. More detailed information on each course is available below.

Payment can be made by either FPS, cheque, cash or bank transfer.

 Basic Obedience Class

Our most popular group class, this class is a great place for many dogs and owners to start. This six-week class teaches dogs and owners on-leash skills such as sit, down, stay, come, heel, and place. This class is also designed to help owners deal with problems such as pulling on the leash, jumping on people, etc. Basic obedience is a great forum for socializing your dog to new environments, people, and dogs.

$ 6,560 for a package of 6 lessons

Contact Hong Kong Canine for group class schedule.

Advanced Obedience

Here we teach the same skills as outlined in basic obedience. The difference being these skills are taught off-leash. At present we only run this as a private lesson but hope to offer a group class in the near future.


Puppy Classes

The Puppy Class is a special program designed to teach owners how to best communicate with their puppy. It gets owners and their puppies off to the best start possible. Classes are structured to provide appropriate and safe socialization, play, exercise and basic commands. In addition, useful advice on any of your puppy-raising questions such as house-training ,chewing, recall etc. can be provided. The Puppy Class gets your dog started off on the right foot and helps prevent obedience and behavior issues developing in the future. This class is for puppies that have been vaccinated.

We provide options for those wishing to socialize puppies that have not received their full set of vaccinations.

 $ 7,160 for package of 6 lessons

Contact Hong Kong Canine directly for group class schedule.

Socialization Classes

Many behavioural issues displayed by dogs can be attributed to the lack of proper socialization with both dogs and humans. A negative experience encountered at an early age with the surrounding environment can often lead to dogs developing anti-social behaviour such as shyness, timidness, aggressive behaviour, becoming a dog park bully or getting bullied. Although dog parks are a great place for socializing it is not uncommon to encounter dogs that have inappropriate canine social skills that can adversely influence your own dog. At Hong Kong Canine our private facility has two separate areas that provide ample room for play and mingling. We also have a balanced pack of dogs used for socializing and staff on-hand to monitor the situation that helps ensure your dog has a safe and positive experience. Our trainer will also explain the ins and outs of dog socializing etiquette and teach owners/handlers what type of dogs can be approached, how to approach them and which ones to avoid. Proper socialization is one of the best things you can do for your canine companion.

$ 6,700 for package of 6 sessions

Contact Hong Kong Canine directly for the current schedule.

Agility Classes

Agility is a sport where dogs and handlers work as a team to complete a series of obstacles by weaving, jumping and running amongst other things. The obstacle course will often include weave poles, pause tables, tire jumps and triple jumps. New obstacles are being added all the time. Our course is designed to be fun and creative for both dog and handler. Agility is a great way to build a dogs confidence and challenge her both mentally and physically. It also helps develop a stronger bond with the handler. Agility is one of the fastest growing dog sports.

$ 6,700 for package of 6 lessons

Contact Hong Kong Canine directly for booking.

Rally Obedience Classes

Rally Obedience or Rally-O, is an exciting obedience dog sport that continues to grow in popularity across the globe. This class teaches the basics of Rally-O enabling owners and their dogs to participate either for recreational or competition. As with all the group classes, Rally-O is also a great way to strengthen your relationship and presents a real mental challenge for your dog.

$ 6,500 for package of 6 lessons

Contact Hong Kong Canine directly for booking.

Canine Scent Detection

The most recent addition to our group classes, Canine Scent Detection is mentally challenging and a great way to teach and improve your dogs nose-work. Your pet will learn the fundamentals on imprinting of odors allowing enabling it to search and find the source of a pre-determined odor (e.g. Vanilla) and provide a clear final indication. Our group classes teach the fundamentals of scent work for those interested in learning for competition or for fun. Our class teaches everything from imprinting the odors to the final indication.

$ 6,700 for package of 6 lessons

Contact Hong Kong Canine directly for booking.