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Canine Gut Bacteria Test Kit


Does Your Dog Have A Healthy Gut?

Find out what’s really going on inside your dog’s digestive system. This at-home test detects bacterial imbalances and provides actionable insights for personalized diet, supplement, or lifestyle changes to improve your dog’s health.  It contains everything you need, including step-by-step instructions, to take a sample of your pet’s stool and mail it back to the AnimalBiome laboratory.

- Two collection tubes (one is a backup)

- Sterile cotton swabs to sample your pet’s fecal matter

- Surgical gloves

- Step-by-step instructions

- A small plastic bag for enclosing the collection tube

- A padded mailer (already addressed) to return your collection tube to the AnimalBiome laboratory in the United States.

Kindly note:

  • Shipping cost and delivery to the laboratory is not covered and needs to be paid and arranged by the customer.

  • The fresher the stool sample, the more accurate the results.


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