English Springer Spaniel


Country of origin: England

By James Leung

James - Managing Director


As part of the Gundogs group, Spaniels were initially bred, or flush, game birds, forcing them to take wing into the line of of the guns.  They watch where a bird falls and are usually sent to retrieve it.  This division includes small, silky-coated, long-eared dogs such as the Springer Spaniel and English Cocker Spaniel used for finding game on land, and less familiar breeds such as the Barbet and the Wetterhoun, which specialize in flushing waterbirds.

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The English Spring Spaniel is generally happy to work the field all day regardless of adverse weather and terrain, even jumping into freezing water when necessary.  Very popular amongst shooters, it's friendly biddable disposition makes it a great choice for family dog.  The English Spring Spaniel enjoys the company of children, other dogs and the household cat.  If left unattended over a period of time, it sometimes resorts to excessive barking.

This breed is an outdoor dog and needs long, energetic daily walks and will enjoy having a stream to splash in, mud to roll in, or toys thrown for it to retrieve.  The English Spring Spaniel is considered intelligent and willing to learn.  It responds well to calm authority.  As it is sensitive, harsh/loud commands are likely to be counterproductive.



The English Spring Spaniel is known for it's liver and white weather-resistant wavy coat.  the body is moderately feathered all over with a heavily feathered chest.  The feet are well-rounded and compact.  Their are two types of this breed: working and show.  Dogs bred for work tend to have their tails docked and be slightly smaller and lighter of build.  Almond-shaped dark hazel eyes express kind nature.  prey underground.

Weekly grooming is recommended its thick coat from becoming matted and dirty, and regular trimming , especially of the long feathering on the ears and legs.

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Height 18 - 22 inches (46 - 56cm); Weight - 40-51 pounds (18-23kg)


Common orthopedic diseases include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, luxating patella, and intervertebral disk disease.   The eye disease that causes the most concern in English Springer Spaniels is retinal dysplasia.  Unfortunately skin diseases are very common in the English Springer Spaniel, especially allergies (which cause itchy skin and often lead to pyoderma) and seborrhea.  The long pendulous ears and long hairs inside the ear often lead to chronic ear infections.   Keep an eye out for skin growths - both non-tumorous growths (sebaceous cysts) and tumorous growths (sebaceous gland tumors and basal cell tumors).  Epilepsy also represents a concern in English Springer Spaniels and can cause behavioral abnormalities, which can be controlled with medication.

The average life expectancy is 12-14 years.

At Hong Kong Canine we offer a specialized training programmes for  breed dogs like the English Springer spaniel that provide the appropriate physical, mental and emotional stimulation. 

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